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For all your Collection needs...

The economy has affected everyone differently.  Now that the chips have fallen, you need someone to help you pick them up again to play your next hand.  For businesses and individuals whose clients and partners fared poorly it is time for them to pay what they can, to you, now.  And for those that are down, but looking to get back up, know your rights, pay your dues, and start climbing that ladder of the American Dream back to prosperity. 

They owe you.......

from a contract, loan, lease, debt, or judgement.  We can send demand letters, sue in JP, County, or District Court, and collect on those judgements.

You owe them.....

from breach of contract, credit cards, loans, leases, or judgements.  If someone files suit against you, get someone between you and them, and work it out.

What makes us different:

1)  All cases are supervised by Texas lawyers, not staff.

2)  We can handle your debt from beginning to end from pre-notice advice, demand letters, suit, trial, judgement, and collection.

3)   All Calls returned within 24 hours even on weekends.